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The indispensable long tail keyword research tool

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This is very good.  This is bar none one of the best tools I have ever seen for the proper data visualizations and representations that exist in a keyword list.

That wordtree report visualization is absolutely brilliant, you guys rock!

This is very exciting!  I agree that keyword categorization is definitely the right way to think.  I'm testing out the demo version as we speak.  Keep up the great work.

Looks amazing, I will implement it and start working for my own website.  I think that for search marketing / SEO companies this will be a killer tool.  It can add a huge value!

- Charles Lumpkin

- Jim Novo

- Jared Huber

- Daniel Waisberg

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Solo $39/month
  • Analyze up to 20,000 queries
  • Import external search data
  • 1 Google Analytics profile
  • View entire search history

Max $299/month
  • Analyze up to 100,000 queries
  • Import external search data
  • Infinite Google Analytics profiles
  • View entire search history